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Lexi Boese Marketing Expert

Lexi Boese, Owner

Lexi is focused on metrics-based, customer- centric marketing with a passion for problem solving. She has created strategies for businesses ranging from biotechnology to kung-fu studios. As a writer, creative strategist, and communications expert, she focuses on understanding people and helping match products or services that will better their lives. As a consultant, she knows how to implement digitally, technically, and visually. She effectively communicates effectively with any team and creates cohesive strategies that play on the strengths of any team. When she's not working, you can find her drawing, snowboarding or hiking in the mountains, or doing yoga. She has an MBA Certification from Pepperdine University which has supported her three dimensional approach to marketing.

Amanda Charney, Actor

Amanda Charney, Content Strategist

Born and raised in Hermosa Beach, Amanda is a true Californian. Upon graduating from the University of Southern California, she began working as a consultant helping small businesses establish and grow their online presence. Her writing has been featured on websites such as TheatreMania. One of Amanda’s favorite parts about writing is having the opportunity to submerge herself fully into a new topic. In addition to consulting, Amanda is a professional actress and singer. She relates writing content to learning a new character, both requiring immersion, empathy and focus. When she’s not at High Tide, you can find her baking, hiking around Southern California, rock climbing, and doting on her cat.